The doctor‘s practice of the future - with no waiting room!


Medical Drive In promotes the awareness that a certain investment is necessary in order to maintain our health. The development of this increased awareness will allow Medical Drive In to position itself as the new, autonomous and independent health care system. Medical Drive In will supersede the old-fashioned, long out-dated and overloaded health care system and sensitise citizens to the importance of health-
consciousness. It will also significantly
transform the imbalanced relationship
between the doctor (at the top) and the
patient (at the bottom). The Medical Drive In
doctor is the carer and service-provider
and the patient is the customer!

All interaction takes place on one level: „Taking patients seriously, listening, treating, payment. This creates a partnership that sees eye to eye. This is the future of health care!“ Medical Drive In is positioned upstream of doctors‘ surgeries and hospitals and conducts an initial screening that not only brings huge savings to health insurance companies but is also unrivalled in economic terms.

Medical Drive In
Schützenstraße 32
54295 Trier

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The advantages of profit participation

  • Fixed basic dividend
  • Attractive profit sharing
  • Low-risk investment
  • Experienced management