The doctor‘s practice of the future - with no waiting room!


Our Philosophy

  • Permanently friendly and authoritative service, irrespective of how difficult the patient is.
  • Continuous training for nursing staff and doctors in private medical practice services.
  • Medical and therapeutic experience.
  • Uniform (recognition).
  • Both doctors and nursing staff must be proficient in all services (blood tests, intravenous drips, surgical dressings etc.).
  • Treat seriously, listen and act!
  • First-class care and service for patients who are interested in health issues.
  • Private doctor status
  • Strong media presence and PR initiatives

Management team

Founder, Dr. Michael Freund

  • 1965 passed secondary school exams in Lünen
  • 1984 habilitation of doctoral dissertation
  • 1985 opening of own surgery
  • from 1990 onwards, group practice with 3 doctors
  • training in homoeopathy and sports medicine
  • 40 years‘ experience in medicine
  • sales and marketing management

Frank Pontius

  • 1984 business graduate specialised in the timber industry
  • Marketing degree
  • more than 25 years‘ experience in sales management, business development and marketing management

Medical Drive In
Schützenstraße 32
54295 Trier

In case of queries or in order to arrange
an appointment, you can reach us as follows:
Telefon +49(0)651 99 16 38 -94

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The advantages of profit participation

  • Fixed basic dividend
  • Attractive profit sharing
  • Low-risk investment
  • Experienced management